Harith Sankalpa

Harith Sankalpa is a 28 years old director and filmmaker who specializes in cinematography, documentary and photography.

Harith is not a stranger when it comes to the cinematography and photography. His powerful eye for difference, focus and detail have given him jobs with various clients over the past three years of experience. His experience and inspiration can be seen throughout his works, as he carefully manages every simple thing delivering a breathtaking and unique visual story.

Harith Sankalpa


harith sankalpa famous photographer in sri lanka

How I can Serve You

I was always fascinated by the camera tricks, motions of special moments and wondered how to do that. Consequently, I started to learn what I always wondering about to become a cinematographer through such difficult experimental tasks. It has been many years to advance my skills and then determine my own style. Nevertheless, I am still learning new techniques.
Documentaries bring viewers into new worlds and experiences through the presentation of factual information about real people, places, events and so on. I am motivated to make documentary films because I feel a particular viewpoint is not being adequately covered by mainstream media.
Cinematography has been my dream; first, I started my journey as a photographer. I always love to capture a moment and then turned it into a story.

Giving wings to your stories

I specialize in the world of non-fictional story telling and I absolutely love what I do. I have had the pleasure of working on hotel/ resort productions, documentary contents and most notably, some amazing travel films. Vision and dedication, coupled with creative story telling has been the driving force of our cinematography projects
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Adventuring & Exploring

There is no adequate substitute for spending time with nature in the great outdoors. Anyone who loves hiking, climbing, trekking, camping or any other activity that involves passing long hours or multiple days out in nature knows that the wilderness is both restorative and addictive. Harith is an explorer, who always hunger for new experiences and challenges. He has hiked to most of the known/ unknown mountains, chased beautiful waterfalls, relaxed with beautiful waves and witnessed to thousands of wild experiences around Sri Lanka. His passion for nature and adventure filming is unbelievable.
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